Monday, July 08, 2013

Female Polio Worker Attacked In Pakistan, Two Brothers Arrested

Another attack on a polio worker in Pakistan. Although it has usually been members of the Pakistani Taliban who have been responsible for violence against those trying to prevent a polio epidemic, in this case it was two brothers, Ziaullah and Abrar Jutt, who attacked a young woman when she went to their home to vaccinate members of the household.

Police said the polio worker, 23, who was assigned to the anti polio vaccination in Chichawatni, visited the house of Ziaullah Jutt to administer vaccine with a colleague. When Jutt entered the room, he began to hit her. He accused her of being a part of a US plot to give children a vaccine that caused mental retardation.

When she tried to flee, Jutt and his brother Abrar Jutt ran after her. They caught her and dragged her by the hair into the streets shouting that “she was helping non Muslims to harm Muslim children”.
Her colleague informed police and tried to get neighbours to stop the men.

When police arrived, the brothers fled. They were arrested after a three-hour chase.

According to neighbours, the brothers are teachers. It just proves that not all ignorant people are necessarily uneducated.

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