Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Egyptian Islamists Beat Young Boy- Viral Video

Al Arabiya has posted a video that has gone viral of a young Egyptian boy being attacked by a group of pro-Morsi Islamists after they discover he's not there to support Mohammed Morsi.

Islamists flooded Ramses Square in Cairo after stuffing their faces for Iftar- the meal that breaks the Ramadan fast.

Thousands of Islamists poured into the square after breaking their Ramadan fast on Monday seeking to organize a sit-in there, threatening to paralyze traffic in one of the busiest parts of Cairo.

Their move prompted police intervention and violent clashes throughout the night. During the clashes a boy showed up to the scene and the angry Islamists grabbed him with one of them asking him:

“Who sent you here?” “Who are you?” “Are you with Mursi?” and “Who are you with?”

The horrified-looking boy was then beaten on the back of his head and then he was slapped.

When a man attempted to stop the assault, they shouted at him saying that the boy was hired by Mursi’s opponents.

“I know he is, but he’s just a child,” the young man responds. The crying boy pleads for help as several men continue to beat him.

“This isn’t merciful,” says a man approaching them.

He and others take the boy away, but it is unclear what happened to him afterwards.

At the end of the video, a protester notices that the incident is being filmed, so he tells the cameraman to film photos of Mursi instead.

So here we have a group of adults beating a defenseless young boy during Ramadan the holiest of holy Muslim holidays. One of the Five Pillars of Islam. Maulana Muhammad Ali said of Ramadan fasting:

“The real purpose of fasting is to attain righteousness. A person who undergoes hunger and thirst, but does not behave righteously, has done nothing. If someone is told the aim and object of doing a certain duty, and he does that duty but does not attain the required aim and object, it is as if he has not done that duty.”

Violence is not righteous.  This just demonstrates how hypocritical the most self-righteous and supposedly pious Muslims really are.

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