Friday, July 26, 2013

The Not-So-Innocent Trayvon Martin By Bill Whittle

Bill Whittle brings up some interesting facts about the Trayvon Martin case that the main stream media has failed to discuss.

Everyone has been focusing on how an "innocent" young boy was murdered, and all he had on him was some candy and iced tea.  Let me preface this by saying George Zimmerman should never have engaged Trayvon after 911 told him to not pursue, but Trayvon was not the innocent young boy the media would have us believe. Neither was the bag of skittles and Arizona watermelon iced tea found by his body.  Apparently, there's an extremely intoxicating and powerful drug concoction called "Lean" (with some serious side effects) that is popular with the hip-hop crowd, and all you need is a bag of skittles, Arizona Iced Tea (or something similar) and the cough syrup Robitussin DM.  He had two of the ingredients needed to concoct Lean. Did he have the Robitussin at home, or was it just a co-incidence? Considering Trayvon was into drugs I would venture to say it was not a co-incidence, but we will never know.

The Conservative Treehouse has some Facebook postings and other info, including references to drugs, regarding the not-so-innocent Trayvon.

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