Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Colorado "Islamic Jihadist" Threatens Mormons and Catholics

An "Islamist jihadist" has threatened Mormons and Catholics in Fort Collins, Colorado, but he's not being considered a terrorist.

“(His behavior is) way out of line for what we consider terrorism,” said Sgt. Paul Wood, who oversees property crimes and is the agency’s terrorism liaison to the Colorado Information Analysis Center. Known as CIAC, the center was established post-9/11 to coordinate efforts to prevent statewide crimes and acts of terrorism.

Fort Collins Police Services isn’t actively searching for the white man who reportedly called himself the Archangel Michael and threatened the demise of Catholics and Mormons in the coming two weeks.

“Right now, we don’t feel there’s any danger to the public,” Wood said Monday morning. But he encouraged people — and religious organizations, especially — to report suspicious behavior to authorities.

The man, who was spotted by police in Steamboat Springs last week wearing a T-shirt wrapped around his head hasn’t been seen in Fort Collins, Wood said, nor did he know the man’s current whereabouts.

Given the information he’s collected, Wood doesn’t believe the man has a criminal background or is wanted for any crimes, which is why police haven’t released his name. And while the man hasn’t made any specific threats — other than to say everyone will soon know who he is — police aren’t ready to write him off.

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Fools for not taking it more seriously.

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