Friday, July 12, 2013

Woman With UK NHS-Paid Boob Job Wants Them Smaller

Gotta love those nanny states.  23-year-old Brit Josie Cunningham got a boob job back in March, courtesy of England's National Health Service (NHS), because she's a model... of sorts.  But she's unhappy with how people have reacted to her additions, so now she wants them smaller, and thinks the NSA should pay for the breast reduction.

The Leeds native is asking taxpayers to foot the bill for her implants to be removed and reduced, reports the Mirror. The mother of two claims that she is unable to find modeling work due to the negative attention surrounding her artificial boobs.

“I don’t want to spend my life being known as the girl with massive NHS boobs, so having smaller implants is the only option."

“I’m looking into charities that could help, but I think it’s down to the NHS because they made them so big,” she explained. She alleged that people would follow her in the street, calling her a slut and demanding their money back.

Of course we've had our own tax-payer funded absurdities.

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