Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Islamist Terrorism Today A Result Of Soviet Anti-Israel/U.S. Campaign, Claims Ion Mihai Pacepa

According to Romanian defector Ion Mihai Pacepa (who switched sides in 1978), the Soviet Union's anti-American, anti-Israeli propaganda campaign 40 years ago in the Middle East is responsible for international Islamist terrorism today.

In his new book, "Disinformation," he and his co-author, U.S. scholar Ronald Rychlak, claim that under the leadership of Yury Andropov, the Soviet KGB helped sow the seeds of today's anti-American and anti-Israeli hatred in the Arab and Muslim world by initiating a sophisticated and covert propaganda campaign in the early 1970s.
Andropov, who led the Soviet spy agency from 1967 until he became Soviet leader in 1982, was "the father of a new disinformation era which revived anti-Semitism and generated international terrorism against the United States and Israel," Pacepa and Rychlak write.
Wow. If true, Russia is also suffering the consequences, with their very own problems with terrorism.

Read more on RFE/RL, which interviewed  Pacepa through an intermediary. Apparently, he is still protected by the CIA.

The ratings of the book are rather interesting. With the few on Amazon, people have either hated it or loved it.

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