Saturday, July 27, 2013

Turks Release Bird Detained For Spying For Israel

One for the bizarro file. A kestrel (yes, a bird)  was detained by Turkish authorities because they thought it might be spying for Israel. A few x-rays later it was set free. The birdie was not a Zionist spy after all. 

The kestrel aroused suspicion because of a metal ring on its foot carrying the words “24311 Tel Avivunia Israel,” prompting residents in the village of Altinayva to hand it over to the local governor.
The bird was put in an X-ray machine at a university hospital to check for microchips or bugging devices, according to the Milliyet newspaper, which carried a front-page image of the radiogram with the title “Israeli agent”. 

It's not the first time a bird has been 'arrested' on suspicion of being an Israeli Mossad spy. The Saudis in 2011 were convinced an Israeli vulture was spying on them as part of some nefarious Zionist plot. It was actually part of a scientific study of the migratory patterns of the birds. The same thing happened to a bird captured in Sudan the following year.  The Saudis "pardoned" the vulture and released it, I'm not sure what happened to the one in Sudan.

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