Sunday, July 07, 2013

Islamist Violence In Egypt Since Morsi's Ouster

I don't think anyone expected the Islamists to go peacefully into the night after Mohammed Morsi was removed from power. They've threatened to kill infidels, including Shia Muslims, and burn Christians. And they're already following through with those threats.

A Coptic Christian priest was gunned down in Northern Sinai.

Two young men were thrown off a building by Morsi supporters, one of them was killed.

A neighbourhood in Cairo near Tahrir Square was the center of bloody violence where heavily armed Morsi supporters killed at least 7 and injured many more.

Residents say the attack began just minutes after the Brotherhood’s supreme guide, Mohammed Badie, gave a fiery speech to Mursi supporters camped out in Cairo’s Nasr City, which was broadcast live on television.

“The attack came minutes after Badie’s speech. They treated us like infidels. They were chanting ‘Allahu akbar’ (God is greatest) as they were shooting us,” said Ahmed Fattouh.

There will be more.

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