Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ku Klux Klan Getting Into The Neighborhood Watch Business In MO

The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) is alive and well, living in Springfield, Mo, and getting into the neighborhood watch business.

According to KY3 News, one west-central neighborhood woke up to flyers left in front yards courtesy of the KKK.

Steven Burchett was the recipient of one of those flyers, and he's pretty pissed.

Complete with the image of a hooded figure, the flyer attempts to recruit people for a so-called neighborhood watch program. It asks, “Are there troubles in your neighborhood? Contact the…Klan today.”

“That just tells you what a coward they are. A simple knock at the door, I can say I am not interested, thank you very much and go on. But instead they have to come through in the middle of the night and drop a rock in the front yard. Nah- that is a coward,” Burchett stated.
Taking advantage of the contact number or 'Klanline',  KY3 News was told by KKK rep Frank Ancona that this is a nationwide campaign and that they will not just target minorities, whites are also fair game.

The other neighbors said they were too afraid to comment publicly, but they want nothing to do with the KKK.

Just what every neighborhood needs. Not.

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