Saturday, July 20, 2013

Why Should Piss Poor Greeks Pay For A Mosque In Athens?

So Greece is in dire straits, economically, and yet they've promised to build a mosque in Athens? No wonder people are up in arms, though some of those- like the neo-Nazi-like Golden Dawn Party- are more than questionable.

Reviving the long-stalled project during Greece's worst peacetime economic crisis has divided a country that spent four centuries under Turkish Ottoman rule, where the Orthodox Church is powerful and hostility toward immigrants is rising.

Apparently it was promised a century ago, but considering Greece's economic state (its own fault), and the fact that the Greeks are still bucking for an EU and IMF bailout, I don't think building a mosque- which will cost the government well over $1 million- is such a good idea.  If Muslims want a mosque (which, granted, will be modern and not have a minaret) why don't they raise the funds themselves?

Turkey's Prime Minister Tayyep Erdogan had said he would fund the mosque, but some Greeks were not too keen on the Ottoman Empire connection.

More details here.

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