Thursday, July 18, 2013

Two Malaysians Could Get Jail For Posting Pork Stew Photos On Facebook

Two young Malaysian ethnic Chinese non-Muslims could be jailed for up to eight years for "sedition" and "inciting religious enmity."  Their horrific crime?  Posting Ramadan greetings on Facebook along with a photo of the two of them chowing down on pork stew. Insensitive, I guess, foolish, most definitely, considering  the majority of the Malaysian population is Muslim, and everything seems to offend them. But 8 years in prison?
Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee pleaded not guilty since they claimed the photo was posted in jest, but they will have to remain in jail since the Kuala Lumpur courts refused to set bail.

Malaysia’s attorney general, Abdul Gani Patail, said in a statement that authorities want them detained because “they have the potential to upload content that could stir public anger.” They were expected to be placed in separate prisons ahead of a preliminary hearing Aug. 24 to schedule trial dates.
Since Muslims are fasting this month it was probably not a great idea to do what they did, but they're young- in their twenties.

Normal folk just chastise or unfriend someone on Facebook if they are offended by a post, not so in this case.

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