Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Dennis Rodman Really Wants The Nobel Peace Prize

Wacky NBA player and would-be-diplomat Dennis Rodman thinks he should be considered for, get this, the Nobel Peace Prize. Of course it wouldn't be any more ridiculous, or more undeserving, than, say, Barack Obama or Al Gore being nominated- and winning- the prize.

Dennis Rodman told Sports Illustrated that he has a new mission in life: "to break the ice between hostile countries." Actually that's quite a noble ambition , if not delusional, for Rodman to think he is capable of thawing the ice between certain nations, and he would definitely deserve the Nobel if he was able to accomplish that. But he tried with North Korea's Kim jong-Un. And failed, in  spite of their mutual passion for basketball.   Since Rodman believes that Obama "can't do sh*t" , he took a trip to the DPRK in May to secure the release of Korean-American tour guide Kenneth Bae, who is serving a 15 year sentence of hard labor for some trumped up charge of trying to overthrow the government. But, turns out Rodman couldn't "do sh*t" either.

But he certainly has a grandiose sense of self.
"Why it's been left to me to smooth things over, I don't know. Dennis Rodman, of all people. "But I'll tell you this: If I don't finish in the top three for the next Nobel Peace Prize, something's seriously wrong."
How about trying your hand at a Palestinian/Israeli solution, Dennis? Maybe then, you'll deserve that Peace Prize.

Source: CBS

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